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Pack Your Bags and Prepare to Celebrate Pride in Key West This June!

by Keith langston

Key West Pride to host a rollicking, joyous celebration this year with "Don't Say Gay, SHOUT it!!!"

Photo by DisobeyArt

Key West Pride returns this June with a lineup of exciting events. The theme this year is “Don’t say gay, SHOUT it!!!”, which is a direct protest against the state’s homophobic Republican politicians who recently passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill into law.

Running from June 1-5, Key West Pride is loaded with events. Plus, for visitors who arrive a few days early, they can attend the city’s famous Pride Follies show on May 28th which is the island’s annual variety show that perfectly combines professional talent with not so talented locals, creating one epically hilarious night of music and performances.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best events throughout the week:


June 1

Enjoy A Fabulous Evening with Lillian Baxter, at the Fringe Theater at 7 pm. The show centers around a Hollywood has-been, Lillian Baxter, who brings her one-woman Pride Parade to Key West! She’ll sing the songs and tell the tales that celebrate life on the road less traveled. Show tunes? You bet! Gay anthems? Why not! Fabulous costumes? As long as they’re within budget! Lillian Baxter is so loved by the gay community that seven of them married her. Now she’s coming back to the Conch Republic to give a whole lot of love right back. Buckle in, glitter up, and spend A Fabulous Evening with Lillian Baxter.

June 2

All aboard! Join the boys for some hijinks on the high seas with the all-day Male Day Trip aboard the Blu Q vessel. The sailing trip is all-male and clothing optional. Snorkel and relax on a sandbar while enjoying fresh, organic snacks and drinks (including some boozy coolers). All activities are optional and snorkeling equipment is provided. You can always relax and enjoy sailing on Blu Q while having an amazing time on the water with friends!


June 3

Image: HQaulity

Alright, ladies, it’s your turn! Starting at 3 pm on Friday and running all weekend long, get ready to party with JUST FOR THE GIRLS! The event starts with a cocktail welcoming party, followed by a night out on the notoriously fun and bustling 2 Mile stretch of Duval St. Saturday will be one for the books! Get wet at the ladies-only Pool Party, taking place at the lavish Marrero’s Guest Mansion pool, and featuring celebrity guest DJ, Cristy Lawrence! This event will include games, surprises, charcuterie by Graze Craze, a light lunch, one hour of open bar, and much more.


June 4

Photo: Indigo Photo Club

Starting at 10 pm, head over to 801 Bourbon Bar for, like, the Totally Rad 80’s Party! Grab those legwarmers, strap on those rollerblades, and tease your hair, because this is going to be the most, like, totally tubular party of the whole weekend! Expect a night filled with Cyndi, Madonna, Journey, and more.


June 5

Sea to Sea Diversity Flag at the Key West Pride parade (Photo: Chuck Wagner)

From 5-7 pm, join in the main event of every Pride celebration, the parade! One of Key West’s signature elements of their parade is their 100-foot Sea to Sea Diversity Flag, which is carried by various attendees as part of the yearly tradition. Best of all, it’s easy to sign up and join the parade! If you and your organization or business want to take part in the parade, simply sign up using the form linked here.

This is just a small look at the entirety of the events. For more info, the full schedule, and to find out how to attend, visit Key West Pride’s official website

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