Romance Blossoms On The Gay French Riviera

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Romance Blossoms On The Gay French Riviera

The city of Nice is considered the hub of LGBTQ+ activity with the most gay-owned businesses in the region.

Written by Jameson Farn (Photo by Tarasenko16Dima)

Featuring the most gay-owned businesses in the region, the city of Nice is considered the hub of LGBTQ+ activity on the French Riviera.

The French Riviera is an internationally recognized year-round travel destination that offers something of interest to suit everyone’s lifestyle. The city of Nice is considered the hub of LGBTQ+ activity with the most gay-owned businesses in the region, and it is also home to the Pink Parade (Pride) each summer. Here you will also find the Centre LGBTQAI+ Cote d’Azur where meetings and events are held, along with an open-door policy offering those who are visiting the area any information they require.

Bay of Angels, Nice, France (Photo by Sergii Zinko)

To keep visitors’ informed about what to see, do, and experience, each city in the Cote d’Azur has a tourism information office that has a longstanding policy of being LGBTQ+ friendly, so feel free to ask the desk clerks anything you would like. In Nice, there is Nice Tourism  and Explore Nice Cote d’Azur.

Seeking a place to stay in Nice? Hotel Amour Nice  is gay-owned and within walking distance of the beach and all local amenities. Le Meridien is in the heart of the city and across the street is their own private beach area. Meanwhile, Hotel La Perouse, also located across from the beach, is within walking distance of everything.

Image courtesy of gayfrenchriviera.com

When it comes time to eat, you will find many restaurants and culinary options. Head to what is called “Le Petit Marais” district of Nice and check out the gay-owned, Comptoir Central Electrique, or in Vieux Nice (Old Town), Carmela which has a great menu selection and is perfect for people watching. Close by and across from the beach is gay-owned and operated Le Sunset Nice. Besides the delicious food, you might end up in an impromptu party with the other diners.

Image courtesy of gayfrenchriviera.com

Art and culture is an integral part of Nice and it has been the artistic home of Matisse, Marc Chagall, and Yves Klien, among others. You can visit some of their work at the MAMAC, Marc Chagall National Museum, and the Musée Matisse.

For nightlife, you will find a variety of exciting diversions. Want to relax with a refreshing drink? In the Le Petit Marais district, see and be seen at the new Rainbow Bar Nice. Besides offering an array of cocktails, you might also be able to catch a drag show at Le Swing. In the pedestrian zone of Nice is Red Kafe, where they have drag shows every weekend in the evenings.

There is only one gay bathhouse in Nice but it’s a big one, Les Bains Douches. It is open every day from noon until 9 P.M. with the busiest times being in the early evenings with the after-work crowd. Cruising Bars are numerous in the city with the Morgan Cruising Bar being one of the popular venues. Along with Le 7 with its diverse clientele, Le Code will take care of all your desires.

One of the longest-running nightclubs in Nice, Le Glam offers classic and techno beats, and while you’re at it, L’Omega Club brings the sounds of techno with an ever-changing array of DJ guests from around the world every weekend.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what is available for you on your next trip to Nice. The people in the French Riviera are laidback and friendly, and they love pointing out to visitors what to see and do in this beautiful city by the sea.

For more information, visit gayfrenchriviera.com

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