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Future Perfect Project Giving Free Concert at Lincoln Center

by Keith langston

The young musical artists of the Future Perfect Project are getting ready for their debut performance at Lincoln Center on June 4th.

Image courtesy of the Future Perfect Project

The Future Perfect Project is an organization dedicated to uplifting the voices of LGBTQ youth. Over the last few years, the group helped young people aged 14-22 work together to create an album, which was titled Not What You Pictured and was released earlier this year.

Making this all more interesting is that the group of collaborators had made the entire album from their homes and had never physically met in person…until now.

On June 4th, the Lincoln Center will be hosting a free concert, being performed by all the young collaborators of the Future Perfect Project, singing songs from their debut album Not What You Pictured.

In a statement released by the group, the Future Perfect Project said:

While lawmakers are busy passing laws and proposing measures to limit the self expression of LGBTQIA+ youth in their schools and communities, FPP is standing firm in our mission to listen, elevate and amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ youth.

Not What You Pictured album cover

The event begins at 11 am with an interactive pre-show family workshop that will help teach young people about music and help uplift and inspire their dreams.

Following the workshop at noon, the show will begin, with all nine performers from the Not What You Pictured album singing their debut singles.

For those looking to get a taste of the album ahead of the show, it can be listened to in its entirety for free on Bandcamp. Also on the site is a link to purchase the album for the very modest price of $7.



For more information about the event, visit Lincoln Center’s official event page
For more information on the Future Perfect Project, click here

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