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Holiday Gift Guide

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Whether you've been naughty or nice, you're sure to find something spectacular.

The holidays are right around the corner, and we’ve scoured the world for some sensational holiday gifts for the jet setter in your life (or for yourself). Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re sure to find something spectacular. From a stylish travel bag to something more out of the ordinary, here are our picks for what’s hot this holiday season.

Stay Handsome

Blind Barber is a lifestyle brand that encompasses barbershops, grooming products, lounges, and restaurants with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Through their motto, “Stay Handsome,” the super-trendy company’s goal is to provide outstanding products and services that allow customers to look and feel their best. When you’re not able to get a touch up at one of their locations, the company sells fantastic natural products like the hair-revitalizing Sea Salt Spray that will have your hair looking stylized and fresh after a long flight. $39.99. www.blindbarber.com

Smart Chargers

Getting your charging cords and wall plugs organized when traveling can be a task in itself. So why not ditch the three wall plugs in exchange for a BoostCube Smart Charger. Whether you’re looking for a wall plug with five USB ports or the latest in Type-C charging, iClever’s line of BoostCube Smart Chargers is sure to fulfill your needs. Featuring a convenient folding wall plug for easy storage while traveling, the BoostCube smart chargers are equipped with SmartID ports for device recognition, which allows for optimal charging efficiency and device protection with safe charging while you’re on the road. $22.99. www.iclever.com

23 and Me

Seeing the apartment in Naples where your family once lived, strolling around the same square in London that your great grandfather once walked, or visiting Israel on a Birth Right trip to connect to your ancestors, may all be major factors in where you choose to travel. Many of us, though, do not know exactly what nationalities make us, well, us. Thanks to 23 and Me a simple saliva sample can change all that. When the DNA kit arrives, simply provide a sample and send it back to 23 and Me. In a few short weeks, by comparing your DNA to others from around the globe, you’ll get a breakdown of your ethnicity by region or country. $99. www.23andme.com

Smoke-less Grill

Perfect for the chef in your life, the Philips Smoke-Less Grill offers unbeatable taste and low-fat benefits of grilling safely indoors year-round with minimal smoke and splattering. The new Philips Stainless Steel Rotisserie Attachment features an automatic rotary skewer engineered to provide even cooking while sealing in food’s natural juices. Now, you can get that summertime feeling all year long. $249. www.philips.com

Airport Code Bag

Hook & Albert has launched a new version of their sleek garment weekender bag, designed with the most visited airport codes. The Project 11 V2 Airport Code Bag is one of their lightest leather bags, making it easy to zip through airports. A sliding shoulder strap makes carrying the bag comfortable and functional. When fully unzipped, the garment section can easily accommodate two suits, and once the duffle is reconstructed, the main compartment houses two zip accessory compartments and two shoe pockets. $595. www.hookandalbert.com

Sonic Toothbrush

Don’t sacrifice the health of your teeth when you travel by using some cheap throwaway brush when you can easily pack the compact Burst electronic toothbrush. The affordable sonic toothbrush kit includes the toothbrush, USB charger, and one toothbrush head. For an additional $6.00, including shipping and handling, consumers will receive a new toothbrush head every three months. Unlike other sonic brushes on the market, this bad boy comes with charcoal brushes that are clinically proven to clean your teeth better than most of the competition. $69.99. Rose Gold, Black, and White. www.burst.com

This Luggage Means Business

For those looking to make their next business trip as care-free as possible, Victorinox’s the Werks Traveler 6.0 collection is just for you. Inspired by the Swiss Army Knife, this new luggage collection has a huge amount of smart functions and elevated details. The interior of the cases contains a padded laptop sleeve and expandable compartment, removable three-fold garment sleeve, x-shaped compression straps, and integrated mesh pocket in the divider wall; all of these offer a wide range of packing solutions. Add to this a covered USB port that enables the attachment of a battery pack inside the case for on-the-go charging of your electronic devices. Comes in hard or soft case in black or blue. $129-$519. www.victorinox.com

Holiday Treats

Spectrum Bakes is a gourmet bakeshop with a social mission to provide purposeful work opportunities and authentic vocational experiences to individuals with autism. The non-profit donates 100% of their proceeds to help further their mission. With products like chewy granola bars, chocolate-topped granola bites, and toasted granola crunch, you can arrange a fabulous selection of treats for your holiday party or as a gift for family and friends. $34.99 for a mixed box. www.spectrumbakes.org

Just Beat It

Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones deliver a premium listening experience with Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) that actively blocks noise while continuously considering the environment you’re listening in and the music you’re listening to, all to preserve audio fidelity. Can you ask for anything better when trying to tune out unwanted noise on airplanes? The comfortable over-ear design is ideal for long trips, and their stylish look will impress fellow travelers. $349.95. www.apple.com

Taste of Eataly

You don’t even need a passport to taste all of the flavors of Italy’s 20 regions when you buy Eataly’s Italian Passport gift box. From the risotto of northern Lombardia to sunwarmed tomatoes in southern Compania, enjoy the flavors of this exciting country with exquisitely imported products. All 20 goodies come in a signature Eataly XL gift box wrapped for la dolce vita. $169.80. www.eataly.com


On the HELM

HELM, the handcrafted, leather men’s footwear brand based in Austin, Texas is offering a holiday gift bundle for the fashionable man in your life. The Zind Holiday Gift Set includes a pair of boots (their best-selling), in a choice of either Natural or Teak, a matching belt, and a HELM Leather Care Kit to help keep boots looking their best. $499. www.helm.com

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