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Great Stuff For The Consummate Traveler

by Our Editors

PASSPORT's guide to exciting new products for discerning shoppers.



Meet Victorinox Swiss Army’s latest entry into luxury luggage, the Etherius Metallics Collection. Not only does it look pretty in its silver, gold, and rose gold colors, but it puts a whole new spin on effortlessness. This is largely due to its 55mm Hinomoto wheels that turn any terrain into a just-waxed floor, so even if you manage to fill the entire suitcase to its limit, you’ll hardly notice as you glide through the airport. The metallic suitcase shell is made of 100% polycarbonate and even has integrated corner guards to ensure nothing on the inside gets damaged. Three colors, three sizes, $259-$319. www.victorinox.com


The Converse Jack Purcell is the ultimate vacation footwear. It’s stylish, comfortable, and looks super-cool aboard boats or walking around a city. The design is meant to keep your feet cool with its lightweight fabric and comfortable as a result of brand-new OrthoLite cushioning (say goodbye to weeks of wearing in a new pair of shoes). The black “smile” along the tip of the shoe is a nod to the original design by Badminton legend Jack Purcell. Sunset Glow, Cyan, and Blue, $70. www.converse.com


After winning the battle of the bulge and returning his body back to triathlete shape, Neil Grimmer, founder of Habit, wanted to streamline his multi-doctor lengthy journey and make it available for anyone looking to optimize his or her health. After submitting your DNA samples via the at-home all-in-one testing kit, Habit analyzes 60-plus indicators, including things like fasting LDL cholesterol levels and what your genes say about your waist circumference. The endlessly fun-to- explore results allow for you to better understand yourself and what your body needs through user-specific profiles that show the level of carbs, fat, and protein you should be eating in your everyday diet. Get back in the healthy eating habit, your body will thank you. The test kit is $299. Nutritional coaching and meal plans are available at additional costs. www.habit.com


It’s time to take sun protection to a new level with iS Clinical’s Extreme Protect SPF 30. These TSA-approved bottles are filled with powerful antioxidants that offer a one-two punch against harmful effects of everyday UVA/UVB. Helping to mitigate oxidative solar damage, while also offering your face extreme hydration with Extremozymes that are clinically proven to protect and repair fragile proteins and DNA components. Good for all skin types. 30 SPF, 4 oz., $68. www.isclinical.com


Tired of wearing your camera around your neck, outing you as a stereotypical tourist? Meet Spiderlight, a holster that is lightweight, durable, and allows you to take your camera anywhere, without compromising your personal style. It’s also easy to set up, you just need to attach the spider plate to your camera and attach the 3 oz. clip to your pant or belt. Now, you can use the easy draw-from-the-hip, no-strap solution to carrying around a tourist’s favorite tool. Best of all, you can rest easy as you hike trails, explore cities, and attend events around the world as it’s not only super-secure, but it also makes it near impossible for someone to pick your pocket. $95. www.spiderholster.com

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