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Great Stuff For The Consummate Traveler

by Our Editors

PASSPORT's guide to exciting new products for discerning shoppers.



Rolling through rain- or snow-filled streets, rocky pavement, or even uneven airport curbsides can wreck havoc on your suitcase’s wheels. Today, travelers are hailing G-RO as a much-needed reinvention of the traditional carry-on with a patented wheel design that makes for smooth sailing. The company behind GR-O raised a record-breaking $4.7 million in crowd-funding as consumers saw the need for such innovation. Industrial Designer Netta Shalgi created the bag to be completely axle-less with extra-large wheels to make it not only more durable, but also much easier to schlepp around. A power pack (with two built-in and accessible USBs) elevates the sleek bag into modern-day traveler status. 14″ wide x 22″ long x 9″ deep. G-RO bags start at $449. Optional add-ons like the G-RO POWER ($95) and G-RO Luggage Locator ($70) are sold separately. www.g-ro.com


The new Vertigo 917 boots by industry-leaders Danner are one-part functionality and two parts fashionable, and that’s just what’s needed for buying footwear this autumn. The full-grain leather offers that classic look, but with strong durability, while the 100% waterproof GOR-TEX has no problem taking a step through soggy leaves or flash urban rainstorms. The Vertigo line has an added foot bed for greater stability and underfoot support, giving you the confidence to go wherever you need to. $297. www.danner.com


Is there a special spot on the globe for you that evokes romance, adventure, and wanderlust? Why not be reminded every day? Keep this location close to your heart with a handmade sterling-silver Custom-Map Pendant. Made in Maine, these personalized necklaces encapsulate a map clipping that the artists find from Atlases, road guides, etc. The pendants also make for a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one. How special would it be to be reminded of where you two fell in love? Add an inscription on the back to make it extra special. $150-$175. www.uncommongoods.com


Leica represents a union of craftsmanship, design, and experience, and its latest TL-System: the Leica TL2 perfectly rep- resents this. It builds on its predecessors the TL and T, with increased speed, ease of handling, and flexibility. Take this sleek camera with you to capture your moments away with precision and accuracy thanks to advanced features like rapid responsiveness, new touchscreen, a large 3.7-inch LCD screen, and six lenses (three prime lenses and three zoom lenses) that meet the needs of every photographic situation. $1,950. www.leica-camera.com


An all-day/night travel schedule can leave you feeling less than Calgon clean, but it’s time to fight back against malodorous smells and unpleasantness with Anthony’s No-Sweat Body Defense. The unique cream-to-powder formula is applied wherever you tend to feel the least fresh. This handy lightweight talc-free powder is used to keep your body dry and fresh with the help of tapioca starch that pro- vides a shielding barrier and protects skin and private areas from chaf- ing and discomfort, while aloe vera refreshes and Vitamin E nourishes. 30 oz., $20. www.anthony.com

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