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Mention the words “Romantic Getaway” and couples will give you myriad explanations of what those words mean. My partner and I also define this travel concept in different ways. After about 30 years of traveling and talking to other couples, I found that my partner and I are not so unique.

He feels that the property must be on a beach or the very least have a great, enormous pool. I’d like to be on the beach and have a pool too, but, for me, they’re not necessities. I am perfectly fine and comfortable just about anywhere: a large resort, a boutique hotel, or guest house. As for my partner, big brand hotels (at least four-stars) are a must. Visiting nearby café’s for local eats and participating in gastro-tours at restaurants in the neighborhood is my thing. However, if the place we stay in does not have a restaurant or two or three, my partner is very uncomfortable. “We have to leave the property to eat?” he scoffs. The number-one buzzkill, according to my partner, is children at the hotel or resort. He does not think a romantic getaway is possible with a bunch of noisy kids running around. Now mind you, we have a son, and our son would accompany us on vacations. When I point this out, my partner says, “That’s different, he’s a well behaved child.” However, if we saw kids at the hotels and resorts, I would hear moans and groans, and not the romantic kind. So as you might imagine, it’s lots of painstaking fun planning for a romantic getaway. Here are some tried-and-true places where my “picky” partner and I had beautiful moments and fond memories. Hopefully these properties will help you plan and navigate your next adventure with your partner, spouse, or that sexy someone you want to get to know better.

Hotel Cristina Sorrento



The Beautiful Hotel Cristina Sorrento located in Sant’Agnello, a municipality of the City of Naples in the Campania region, should not have been a hard sell for my partner but it was! Like many vacationers, my partner thinks the idea of a romantic getaway must include an ocean and preferably a beach. For me, that very idea of what a romantic getaway should be is very limiting. Would the views of the lively city of Sorrento, the nearby mountains, or the Bay of Naples do? I’d hope so! The Hotel Cristina Sorrento has an old-world style and charm with great services, but my partner likes an ultra-modern space with great amenities. Who says we can’t have a happy medium of both worlds? The views, the terraces, the food, and, of course, the staff are what make this hotel work I told him. I held my breath as we arrived. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, whisking our bags away and directing us to the restaurant for lunch.

The panoramic views were awe-inspiring—Mount Vesuvius was right there just like in all the pictures we had ever seen. For our dinning options, we settled on a few menu items, and when the food arrived everything was very delectable. I had the spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) and Henry had the spaghetti carbonara, his favorite Italian dish that I make at home. Let me just say, we both agreed that it was far superior to my dish.


So far, so good. Our room, however, would be the real test. When we entered, the first thing that we noticed was the thrilling balcony views. We could see the city, the mountains, and the Bay of Naples. Henry gave me a head nod, his way of approving but not telling me so in words. I’ll take it! The spacious room had a comfortable king bed, exquisite linens, and the bathroom had the fluffiest towels ever. The space was also equipped with modern conveniences such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioning.

As soon as we unpacked, it was time for a swim in the sparkling pool before supper. We saw many same-gender couples having a great time, feeling safe and respected among the staff members who were bringing cocktails and snacks for us from the poolside bar. In my opinion, the best views (and this property has many spectacular views) can be enjoyed from the pool. I swear we could see Pompeii! For an extra touch, the hotel offers a courtesy shuttle into nearby Sorrento (a taxi into town is very expensive), and from there you can participate in many tours and/or take trains into other cities. We had many wonderful days and romantic nights as well. I dared to ask my partner if he would return and he swept me up in kisses. I’d take that as a yes! www.hotelcristinasorrento.it

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