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The 29th Annual Kelly McGillis Classic in Key West!

by Keith langston

Flag football is emerging as an extremely popular sport, and as the sport’s popularity grows so does its fanbase. The Kelly McGillis Classic is a perfect example of this. Now in its 29th year, the women’s flag football championship is attracting players from all across the globe, including countries like the US, Mexico, Sweden, India, Egypt, and more.

McGillis at the Prince of Persia premiere (Photo: Tinseltown)

The event is named after actress Golden Globe-nominated actress, Kelly McGillis, who currently endorses the event. McGillis has starred in blockbuster hits like Witness and The Accused, but is best known for her role in Top Gun.  McGillis came out as a lesbian in 2009.

The Kelly McGillis Classic will run from January 21-27, 2020 in Key West, and will feature players ranging from 9-years-old to seniors, all competing in their respective divisions. On top of the football matches, there will also be the 3rd annual International Women’s Flag Football Conference, where players and organizers can come together to share ideas on how to make the sport grow.

It’s sure to be an exciting week for sports fans, with games taking place daily, leading up to the playoffs and culminating with the World Challenge Game, where one team will take home the ultimate trophy on Sunday, January 26th.

The games will take place at Wickers Sports Complex , while weeklong activities such as dances, contests, parties, and even a parade, will span throughout Key West. You can find the full itinerary here, and if you’d like to register, you can do that here.


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