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City of Contrasts: Valencia

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Palacio Marqués de Dos Aguas in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain, is a special city where you can experience centuries-old traditions while discovering new museums, restaurants, and attractions.

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Valencia is a special city, one of pride in its contrasts! Here you can step back in time and experience centuries-old traditions, all the while living in the moment discovering the best of innovation, arts and science…With 320 Days of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities.

Mercado Central in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Touring Valencia means getting lost in the streets of its beautiful Old Town, the neighborhood of Carmen, known as the jewel of the city and a living example of how history and modernity meet.

Palau de les Arts in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Visit different theaters, go to great bars, restaurants, explore historically sites like the Catedral de València, Miguelete, Torres de Serrano and Torres de Quart, the Lonja de la Seda, a World Heritage Site, or the City of Arts and Sciences.

The city also houses numerous and interesting museums for all tastes, Fine Arts, Modern Art, Prehistory, and Science.

La Lonja de la Seda in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Discovering Valencia also means seeing the stunning Mediterranean sunset from Parque de Cabecera or taking a walk through the old riverbed of the Turia River. This riverbed has been turned into a charming park that runs through the entire city and is frequented by runners, bike riders, pet lovers and families with strollers alike.

As you make your way through the city, you’ll discover Palau de la Música, the charming flower bridge or the famous Exposición bridge (better known as the “La Peineta Bridge.”).

Paella Albufera in the Region of Valencia, Spain

Fine sand with pleasant waters or a modern-day beach next to the Marina? Visiting Valencia, you won’t have to choose, as you can immerse yourself in its two iconic beaches, Malvarrosa Beach and Arenas Beach. Malvarrosa Beach offers a fine golden sand beach, lined by a promenade, restaurants and cafés, and is located in the fishing district of Cabanyal. Arenas Beach, which combines old Mediterranean traditions with the pleasures of a modern-day beach, is located next to the marina.

Region of Valencia, Spain LogoOf course, a trip to Valencia means indulging in delicious food and wine! Here, you can enjoy fresh-caught seafood, farm-to-table, the finest signature cuisines, Michelin star restaurants and authentic tapas. Known as the birthplace of paella, Valencia is where rice is prepared like nowhere else in the world!

Valencia welcomes you and makes you feel like a part of its festivals, people, sites, beaches and landscapes from the very beginning. With direct flights from the main European cities and from Madrid to the US, there’s no better time than now to come experience it for yourself!

Find more things to do, plan your trip, and learn more about Valencia on www.regionofvalencia.com

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