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Key West Fantasy Fest Goes Virtual For All to Enjoy!

by Keith langston

Get ready for a fabulous celebration that brings the excitement of Key West right into your living room!

Image: Chuck Wagner

Key West’s annual celebration Fantasy Fest will be going online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that everyone will now have a chance to be part of the festivities! Key West will be hosting two events, one on October 16th and the other on the 24th. These online events are going to be filled with music, comedy, cocktail demonstrations, special guests, and more.


Friday, October 16th

Welcome to the cabaret… (Photo: Jonas Petrovas)

From 7 pm – 9 pm ET on October 16th, you can join Key West’s online party that will showcase various performances. Special guests include female impersonator Randy Roberts, cabaret legend Jennifer McClain, and the drag barbershop quartet, The Kinsey Sicks. On top of the performances, the night will also hold a special raffle, along with introductions from community members.

Each year, Fantasy Fest raises money for a worthy cause. At the October 16th event, attendees are encouraged to make a donation to the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys, which will be fundraising to help families in need of housing assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Saturday, October 24th

Fantasy Fest Float by Donna Coffin

From 7 pm – 9 pm on Saturday, October 24th,  Fantasy Fest will unveil their COVID-version of their famous parade. Titled, “The Smallest Parade in the World”, you’ll be able to live stream a succession of flamboyant and elaborate mini floats. At the finale of the parade, the theme for Fantasy Fest 2021 will be revealed, which is set to take place during the last week of October 2021. The parade will be streamed through various sites, including fantasyfest.com, facebook.com/FantasyFest, marchouse.org, and TSKW.org.

The October 24th event will also be fundraising. At the parade’s conclusion, the floats are to be auctioned online to benefit the Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens, a nonprofit that provides life services for developmentally and intellectually disabled adult residents. And for animal lovers, you can dress up your pet and have it posted to a community Facebook page as part of the famous Pet Masquerade for a $25 donation to the Lower Keys Friends of Animals shelter and adoption agency.

For more information on the events, visit the Fantasy Fest website

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