by Robert Adams

From contemporary to regal, opulent to modern, each suite has been designed to satisfy a range of guests’ preferences, and all come with a private butler.

Robert Adams

If your company is looking for a large space to hold a conference, seminar, or awards ceremony, The Ballroom here can accommodate up to 750 for a dinner and 1000 for a cocktail reception. The hotel also has 11 other event suites that can accommodate up to 300 people. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so let’s explore some of the culinary joys that the InterContinental London Park Lane has to offer.

Wellington Lounge - Club InterContinental - InterContinental London Park Lane - London Hotel

Wellington Lounge


When it comes to dining, guests of the hotel have many options from which to choose. If you want to impress one of your clients, treat them to High Coffee in The Wellington Lounge, situated on the site of Queen Elizabeth II former residence (145 Piccadilly). This innovative take on afternoon tea with different coffees accompanying each course, including an espresso martini, is a perfect way to begin your night.

For dinner before or after the theatre, Celebrated Chef Theo Randall offers rustic Italian fare with the finest seasonal ingredients in Theo Randall at the InterContinental, while Ella Canta, the David Collins Studio designed restaurant by acclaimed Chef Martha Ortiz delivers the beauty, vibrancy, and the spirit of modern Mexico through exquisite food and exotic cocktails.

Ella Canta - InterContinental London Park Lane - London Hotel

Ella Canta Interior

We spent an evening at Ella Canta, and it was truly a night to remember. We were seated in a large alcove with just three tables. My husband and I were on the right, a man and women who appeared to be regulars were in the middle, and an older man with a young boyfriend were at a table on the left.

To begin, we ordered one of their signature cocktails, a margarita called Coa de Jima, made with Patron Reposado Tequila, Huana Guanabana Rum liqueur, homemade spiced pineapple purée, aloe vera, vanilla syrup, lime, passion fruit and champagne foam. The flavors melded perfectly and the presentation set the tone for a festive and romantic night.

As we enjoyed our drinks, we watch as the older gentleman to our left handed his companion a beautifully wrapped gift. The younger man smiled profusely and gave him a kiss. Their love for each other was apparent, and it seemed to grow deeper and more expressive as the night went on.

Ella Canta Coa de Jima Cocktail - InterContinental London Park Lane - London Hotel

Ella Canta Coa de Jima Cocktail

Our first course was the Guacamole Nacionalista, las joyas Mexicanas: guacamole, fresh cheese, pomegranate and a grasshopper in gold leaf. The guacamole was tasty and fresh, but we could not bring ourselves to eat the grasshopper. We tried to hide it underneath some chips, so as not to disappoint our server who thought the once hopping insect added a very special touch.

As we laughed and finished our drinks, the older man presented another gift to his friend who was so delighted he could barely contain himself.

During out next course of delicious shrimps with guajillo chile, lime leaves and oregano mayonnaise, two more gifts were presented to the younger man who grew more and more affectionate, both above and below the table.

“A couple of gifts would have been enough!” I said to my amused husband, who called our server over and ordered another round of drinks.

For our entrées, we went surf and turf: one order of the Tikin-xick fish with white rice and pico de gallo, and one order of a perfectly prepared and seasoned rib eye steak with spring onion, tortillas, red sauce.

While we finished our meal, the owner of Ella Canta, Martha Ortiz, stopped by our table to say hello. The same passion and love she puts into her restaurant and the food she serves is expressed in her joyful, inquisitive eyes and the way she greets her guests.

As we finished our drinks and got up to leave, more gifts were being presented at the next table to even more joyful looks and loving caresses.

“He’s going to spoil that boy.” I said with a smile.

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