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The Interactive Travel Experiences of Finland and the Faroe Islands

by Keith langston

These two countries have created some very unique travel experiences you don't want to miss.

Written by Keith Langston • Vagar, Faroe Islands (Photo by Dmitry Pistrov)

Finland and the Faroe Islands are hosting some unique travel opportunities for people around the world. Luckily, Finland and the Faroe Islands have lots of wilderness and low population density. This has afforded them ample outdoor space to run and play during the pandemic. And now, they are bringing the spirit of their culture to everyone around the world with two of the most imaginative travel campaigns of 2020. Experience these incredible destinations online now!


Rent a Finn

Hiking with a Finn (Photo: Sergiy Borakovskyy)

Finland’s new travel campaign, Rent a Finn, has Finnish people live streaming from around their country. Each experience hold something new, like cooking with a Finn, relaxing with a Finn, and so on. And in each, a real Finnish person, live from Finland, will share their stores, teach you something new, and show off the gorgeous country of Finland. At the end of June, they will also be holding one-on-one sessions where you can personally chat with a Finnish person to ask them about their hobbies, their work, and what it’s like to live in Finland.

The Rent a Finn campaign launched last year and allowed travelers to personally hire a Finnish person to guide them during their journey in order to get an authentic travel experience. Now, since the world can’t visit Finland, Finland will come to the rest of the world, by bringing their Rent a Finn program online.

Upcoming dates of the live streams include May 29, June 1, and June 12. To learn more, you can visit Finland’s website and follow them on YouTube and Facebook.


Remote Tourism

Remote Tourism (Photo: Kirstin Vang / Visit Faroe Islands)

The Faroe Islands are taking the opposite approach. Rather than coming to you, the islands are putting you in control of them. With the Remote Tourism campaign, the Faroe Islands are granting people around the world the power to control someone on the islands. You can make them move forward and backward, turn, and even jump. The goal is to give people the ultimate virtual travel experience while they’re stuck at home.

Hiking the Faroe Islands (Photo: Kirstin Vang / Visit Faroe Islands)

Gamers will love this, and you’ll even be able to use controls on your phone. Adventures include horseback riding, boating, hiking, and even traveling by helicopter. New trips pop up all the time, and you can see a countdown on their website that tells you when the next adventure will launch. So, turn off the Xbox, its time to go to the Faroe Islands!

You can also follow the Faroe Islands on Twitter and Instagram.

So whether you want to learn to cook from a Michelin award-winning Finnish chef, or want to pilot your very own helicopter in the Faroe Islands, remember to enjoy yourself, learn something new, and have a great time experiencing a new part of the world!

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