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Sonoma County. Relax. Renew. Recharge.

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Sonoma County, California

In Sonoma County you’ll find dozens of spas, hot springs and wellness centers ready to pamper you.

In Sonoma County, well-being really is everything.

With a gorgeous natural setting and a down-to-earth, relaxing vibe, Sonoma County is the ideal destination for a fun, refreshing and rejuvenating escape. The quest for well-being has been a cornerstone of the local culture for decades – along with a deep commitment to sustainability. From forests of towering redwoods to miles of unspoiled rivers to the rugged Pacific coastline, Sonoma County surrounds you with natural beauty at every turn.

If you hear “wellness” and immediately think “spa day,” Sonoma County will not disappoint. You’ll find dozens of spas, hot springs and wellness centers ready to pamper you. Many offer distinctive treatments that incorporate locally sourced, natural products into the experience – like goat’s milk, honey, grape seeds and, of course, wine. Some even offer al fresco treatment options, allowing the soothing power of nature to add to the restorative benefits.

But in Sonoma County, wellness means so much more. Virtually every aspect of a Sonoma County getaway can contribute to your sense of well-being and renewal. For example…

Dining LGBTQ Sonoma County, California

Farm-to-table cuisine. This is the heart of Northern California wine country, after all. The abundance of vineyards, wineries, farms and restaurants makes Sonoma County a paradise for foodies and wine lovers alike. Here, “farm to table” is not a trend, it’s simply how we eat every day. And you can, too — with fresh, in-season items sourced hyper-locally and featured on menus throughout the region. Paired with the award-winning wines produced here by world-renowned vintners, it adds up to a delicious and memorable dining experience.

Hotels LGBTQ Sonoma County, California

Outdoor recreation. Sonoma County is a beautiful and biodiverse natural setting with a mild, Mediterranean climate. Encompassing mountains, valleys, forests, rivers and 50 miles of coastline, the region is ideal for all kinds of outdoor pursuits. Thrill-seekers can zipline through the forest canopy, while those who prefer a slightly slower pace can try paddling down the Russian River or bicycling through acres of sunlit vineyards. From camping to horseback riding to hot air ballooning, you’re sure to find an outdoor activity that’s just your style. Even if you’d rather enjoy the stillness of forest bathing among the redwoods, you’ll feel refreshed, reinvigorated, and connected to nature.

Outdoors in LGBTQ Sonoma County, California

Mindfulness. Vacations give us a chance to disconnect from the daily stresses of work, current events and social media – and reconnect to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to nature. In Sonoma County, we have a great community of yogis, meditation mentors, and expert guides to help you de-stress. So, you’ll find a wide range of experiences designed to help release tension and restore balance, calm and focus. Try a yoga class in the vineyards or a guided meditation session among the redwoods. It’s all about finding ways to embrace your natural surroundings as part of a healing experience.

It’s this unique and holistic approach to wellness that makes Sonoma County a prime destination for anyone seeking a relaxing and restorative getaway – with all the delectable benefits of vacationing in wine country. Easily accessible from San Francisco, Sonoma County is an open and inclusive region that’s been a favorite of LGBTQ+ travelers for years. Come experience Sonoma County, where Life Opens Up.

Discover a whole lot more about LGBTQ+ Sonoma County and begin planning your trip HERE.

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