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Join the ‘March For Our Lives’ Event on June 11th to Demand Gun Control

by Keith langston
protesting gun violence

The spring of 2022 brought a wave of mass shootings, leaving dozens dead and many more injured. Now is the time to demand gun control in America.

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So far in 2022, almost 18,000 people have died from gun violence in the US. It’s time to stand up and demand gun control in America.

Within the last few months, America has been rocked by a series of horrific mass shootings. From a Brooklyn subway, to a grocery store in Buffalo, and the absolutely tragic event at a school in Uvalde, Texas. It’s clear that America isn’t a safer place with more guns.

It’s also become clear that Republican politicians don’t care about safety or the lives of anyone but themselves. No loss of life will be enough to make them change their minds (or refuse the immense amount of money they receive from groups like the NRA).

In fact, Republicans are currently deflecting as much as they can, blaming literally everything except guns for these horrific events. They’re even blaming video games…which is a common trope used by Republicans that dates back to the Columbine shooting (this scapegoating effort has been debunked by an endless array of scientific studies that show violence in video games and movies doesn’t lead to real-world violence). They will deflect and blame everything except guns for gun violence. It’s up to us, the American people, to change this country.

March for Our Lives will be a national event held on June 11th to protest gun violence in America and demand that lawmakers take gun control seriously. According to the organization’s website, they state:

We cannot allow one more person to be killed by senseless gun violence. We cannot allow one more person to experience the pain of losing a loved one. We cannot allow one more family to wait for a call or a text that never comes. We cannot allow the normalization of gun violence to continue. We must create a safe and compassionate nation for all of us.

The group is calling for everyone to join them in Washington DC on June 11th at 10 am. The march will begin at the Washington Monument and will serve as a moment for people from all walks of life to come together and share one common message: End gun violence in America.

For those who aren’t able to attend the Washington DC march, various marches are being planned in cities throughout the country. Marches are taking place in every major city, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and more. But there are also hundreds of marches taking place in smaller, more unexpected places, like Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Indiana; Lincoln, Nebraska; and more. To find a march near you, check out the group’s full map of destinations.

To learn more about March for Our Lives, click here

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