by Robert Adams
BAUR AU LAC Outside view

We invited two friends to join us, and it was a truly wonderful dining experience. Almert poured an André Clouet Rosé brut, from Bouzy, France as we perused the menu. As always when we are in Zürich, dinners with friends often last for two or three hours. Between the conversation about recent destinations we have visited and our future travel plans, Chef Laurent Eperon’s delectable creations were presented for us to enjoy and share. Dining here is a sublime experience, where guests are encouraged to take their time, savor the food, and provoke the palate with local and international wines.

We began with a Dublin Bay prawn from South Africa served with rhubarb, jasmine, and a sansho bisque. The subtle flavors
melded perfectly and left us wanting seconds. This was accompanied by a Pinot Gris, Erich Meier, from Zürich, Switzerland.
The wine perfectly complemented the fish, and is now one of my favorite white wines.

Marc Almert, Baur au Lac

Marc Almert

For the main course, our friends ordered the Swiss veal with rösti made from Bintje potatoes. This is a much-loved meal in
Switzerland, and you will want to make sure to try it when dining at the Pavillon. The veal and sauce is poured over a round serving of rösti, and after a couple of bites we could tell from the look on their faces that this dish was a winner.

My choice for an entrée was the wild turbot, papillote served with beurre blanc, lemon eucalyptus, smoked sturgeon caviar,
and Prunier mussels. If you are a fish lover, this one is for you. Almert paired this course with an exceptional Swiss Sauvignon Blanc, Erich Meier.

Anyone who loves dessert as much as we do should make sure to end their meal with one of the wonderful homemade ice creams or sherbets. We chose a rich and creamy Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and a lime blossom sherbet topped with double cream. This was accompanied by a Martell X.O. Supreme cognac, and all I can say is: sweet dreams are made of this!

Chef Laurent Eperon, Baur au Lac

Chef Laurent Eperon

As we reluctantly got up to leave, our hostess asked if we’d like to enjoy cigars on the terrace. It was a beautiful night with a glowing half moon reflecting on Lake Zürich, so we decided to walk along the Limmat River and then meet some of our other friends at Cranberry Bar for an after-dinner drink.

When we are visiting Zürich, and the weather is warm, we always take time to have cocktails or Champagne outside at the Rive Gauche Terrasse at the Baur au Lac. There is perhaps no better place in the city to enjoy food and drinks with friends (old and new) in an enchanting al fresco setting. The tables and seating areas are bordered by magnificent olive trees, the scent of rosemary plants accents the air, seductive music and soft, colorful lighting completes the contemporary lounge ambiance of the terrace.

Deluxe Corner Suite -Baur au Lac

Deluxe Corner Suite

The Baur au Lac is a place of tradition and innovation, and we have to agree with what was written about it in 1854 by the Leipzig Illustrated: “Zürich is made more beautiful. Art must vie with nature, which displays, even lavishes, all of its charms here. The exterior of the hotel promises a great deal, but when one goes inside and walks through the luxurious salons and bedrooms, all of one’s expectations are exceeded.”

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