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Alaska Airlines Celebrates Pride All Year Long

by Keith langston

Alaska Airlines is celebrating Pride with a new livery, in-flight entertainment, diversity initiatives, and more.

Image Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has created an entire plane to celebrate Pride! The aircraft, branded with the slogan “Fly With Pride,” is not just flying for Pride Month, but for an entire year. These festive pride flights are just the beginning of what Alaska Airlines is “calling “Delight Flights.” According to the company, “Each month, we’re treating Alaska guests to a special Delight Flight to elevate, celebrate, and spark joy in the skies, including free flights to anywhere Alaska flies, swag, and more!” These Delight Flights can pop up on any route in the Alaska network and are sure to be an excellent way to welcome travelers back to the  skies.

A festive cabin greeted passengers on Alaska’s Pride Flight (Image Courtesy of Alaska Airlines)

The airline also wants to reaffirm its allyship to the LGBTQ community, stating, “We are committed to making Alaska a place where everyone feels respected and belongs and proudly celebrate the diversity of our employees and guests this Pride month and all year long.”

A celebration recently took place outside the new plane (Image courtesy of Alaska Airlines)

The next time you’re at an airport, especially an Alaska Airlines hub like Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, keep your eyes peeled for the special pride plane, which will be flying all year long. To book a flight (and try your luck to see if you end up on one of the Delight Flights) you can head over to AlaskaAir.com.

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