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Winter in Vancouver is for Foodies

by Our Editors

Here are three things for foodies to do in Vancouver this winter:

by Alexis Baran

Winter is a great time to indulge in all things delicious. But put away those immediate thoughts of utilizing your big cozy sweaters to hide a winter food baby – in Vancouver indulging feels good, even the morning after. Vancouver’s culinary scene is all about a variety of tastes, local and ethical sourcing, and combining food, wine, craft beer and cocktails with experiences that are social and lively. Here are three things for foodies to do in Vancouver this winter:

Dine Out Vancouver Festival | January 20 – February 5, 2017

Blue Water Cafe Sesame Marinated Jellyfish. Credit: John Sherlock

Blue Water Cafe Sesame Marinated Jellyfish. Credit: John Sherlock

Learn to mix an expert cocktail, go on a brunch crawl, or stay the night and wake up to a private Granville Island shopping tour with an executive chef to choose ingredients for your own personalized brunch. The city’s already rich culinary scene goes on overdrive for 17 days with events, classes, and 3-course, price-fixed meals at over 270 restaurants that show off their culinary prowess at $20, $30, and $40 (CAD) price points. (That’s approximately $15, $22, and $30 USD.) Participating hotels have deals to match at $110 and $140 (approximately $84 USD and $106 USD).

Vancouver International Wine Festival | February 11-19, 2017

Vancouver is the big city hub of an extensive wine region, including the Okanagan Valley’s many microclimates with different temperatures and soil types. If you never go to BC, you may never get to try the varieties of merlot, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot gris and even ice wines that are made there – because of complex liquor laws, much of this wine never crosses the border. Enter the Vancouver International Wine Festival; in past years, they have featured countries such as France, Australia and Italy. This year Canada is featured, which is a great chance to try all the wines Canada has kept secret on its own soil.

Unsung Heroes Seafood Festival | February 2017

Credit: Tourism Vancouver, Suzanne Rushton

Credit: Tourism Vancouver, Suzanne Rushton

Have you tried eating barnacles yet? Remove the shell, and there is rich, soft meat not unlike crab.  Build on your bragging rights when it comes to culinary audacity at Blue Water Café. Each February, Executive Chef Frank Pabst highlights lesser-known, local and sustainable seafood fresh from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. While the 2017 menu isn’t public yet (so barnacles aren’t guaranteed), in past years jellyfish, sea cucumber, and whelk (a type of ocean snail) have all been on offer.

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