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Passport Style — Wedding Fashions for Men

Photography by Ezequiel De La Rosa

by Our Editors
Passport Style Wedding opening

When it comes to love and romance, count us in! For our Wedding & Honeymoon Issue, we photographed four couples who are at various stages in their relationships. The love they show for one another shines through in every image, and their playfulness and passion remind us that taking a chance on love is always a good thing!

Juan Mejia & Edward Carrington

(L to R) Juan: tuxedo Calvin Klein, shoes Bar 111Edward: tuxedo Calvin Klein, shoes MezlanJuan & Edward: watches Movado, jewelry David Yurman

Juan Mejia & Edward Carrington

Juan Mejia & Edward Carrington

Juan Mejia was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has been in NYC since 2001. He graduated from UCLA with an undergraduate degree and Columbia University with a master’s degree. He is currently the vice president of operations at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell. Edward Carrington was born in Yonkers, NY and has lived in NYC since 1996. Eddie graduated from SUNY Albany with an undergraduate degree and NYU with his master’s degree. He is currently an international fitness instructor/presenter at Equinox NYC. Juan and Eddie (affectionately known as Jueddie) met through a mutual friend and have been a couple for almost eight years. They are not married, but continue to have discussions about their journey in life. They are currently focused on building a future together in their Hell’s Kitchen condo, traveling the world, and cherishing the memories they’ve created and will continue to create in the years to come.

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