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Our Favorite Places to Shop for Affordable Luggage

by Keith langston

As much I love stylish travel bags, I’m not willing to fork out tons of money for something that is going to spend its life being abused at every turn.

Keith Langston

I love good luggage. I think it’s important to travel with items that are sleek, stylish, and make you feel like you’re going somewhere wonderful. However, I also understand that my luggage is going to be thrown around, dropped, rained on, snowed on, get lost during a layover, and then mailed to my home two weeks later (long story, don’t ask.)

Therefore, as much I love stylish travel bags, I’m not willing to fork out tons of money for something that is going to spend its life being abused at every turn. That’s why I always search the net for the best deals on quality luggage, because affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal are equally important. Here are my favorite places to find luggage.


The Original Luggage Website

Photo: Kaspars Grinvalds

Back before Amazon dominated the entire world and tried to enslave humanity, Ebags was the ultimate luggage destination. And in my opinion, it still is. The website has been operating since 1998, so clearly they’re doing something right.I love them because they’re like an Amazon-style database, but without that Amazon-style clutter. It’s travel goods, and that’s it. How simple is that? If you’re looking for great savings, check out their Deals section!



The Place With Everything…

Photo: Mila Glashchenko

Yes. I did just bash Amazon, and am now featuring them in this article. Because the reality is… they really do have EVERYTHING. You can find some great deals on luggage on Amazon. But there are two downsides to Amazon in my opinion. First, it can be overwhelming. There’s literally so much there that you can wind up with analysis paralysis, and never end up making a decision. The second is that with so much stuff, sometimes finding exactly what you want can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Amazon has a lot of selections, but it doesn’t always have a lot of good selections. If you’re willing to invest in the search, amazing deals can be found.


Nordstrom Rack

Designer Brands for Less

Photo: VGStockPhoto

For the lover of designer brands, Nordstrom Rack’s luggage section is the place to go. There, you can find great quality bags made by some of the biggest names, all with a great discount. For example, there’s a Penguin brand, which was originally $300, down to $90, a Samsonite which was originally $450, down to $170, and more! For even more deals, they also have a travel accessories section!.



Classic Department Store Selection

Photo: Olena Takobchuk

For a good well-rounded selection, nothing beats an old standard like Macy’s. Not only is the selection solid, but with Macy’s stores all over the country, you can order online and easily return to a store if needed…because nothing is worse than trying to return items through the mail. The other benefits of Macy’s being a huge department store means earning points with a Macy’s credit card, coupons regularly being mailed to households around the country, and price-match guarantees, all of which can lead to even more savings.



For Premium Travel Quality for Less

Photo: Ross Helen

Delsey is one of the leading names in luggage, second only to Samsonite. They’re known for their style, their quality, and their innovative designs. They’re also, surprisingly, a great place to get deals! Delsey offers 20% off if you join their mailing list, and even has a clearance section, where you can find some pretty massive discounts. For example, there’s a suitcase that was $280, and is now just $80! So if you’re looking for a great deal, but aren’t willing to sacrifice design or style, then Delsey should be your go-to luggage destination.


Century 21 Stores

The High Quality Outlet Store

Photo: Mimagephotography

Century 21 isn’t your typical outlet store. They stock their stores with brands you actually want to buy, and pride themselves on high quality products, despite the discount nature of the store. At Century 21 you can find luggage by big names like Nautica, Nike. Kenneth Cole Reaction, and more. As an added bonus, if you sign up for their mailing list, you receive an extra discount!


Lexington Luggage

When You Want to Support the Family Owned Business

Photo: Olena Yakobchuk

I love supporting independent businesses, and Lexington Luggage is one of my favorites. It’s been operating in Manhattan for over 40 years, and has the most heartwarming little storefront you’ll ever see. The good news is that their website ships nationally and their website always has sales (For example, right now there’s a $310 Samsonite that’s now $130.) They also can monogram items for you, and if you live in the NYC area, their shop is a certified luggage repair center. As an added bonus for New Yorkers. they offer an in-store coupon, as well as free same-day shipping for online orders being shipped within Manhattan!

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