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Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company Enchants with New Performances

by Keith langston

Nickerson-Rossi Dance has three upcoming performances around the country that are poised to be spectacular.

by Keith Langston

The Nickerson-Rossi Dance company is a bi-coastal dance organization with hubs in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. The dance company is dedicated to creating equal opportunities for pre-professional and professional dancers through programming created by Michael Nickerson-Rossi. The company has performed around the world and was even nominated to perform at the 20th Annual Choreography Festival Awards for their work Second Skin.

Nickerson-Rossi Dance (Alex Budin Photography)

Nickerson-Rossi has three upcoming performances around the country that are poised to be spectacular. The first is their new performance, “Masterpiece,” which is comprised of five of Nickerson-Rossi’s critically acclaimed productions, along with the latest piece, a World Premiere solo, lovingly named, “Heartbeat.”

Chad Allen Ortiz and Nathan Makolandra by Glenn Nutley Photography

The show will premiere with two performances on Sunday, December 8th at 2pm and 7pm, at the newly-opened Coachella Valley Repertory Theater in Cathedral City. Tickets and more information for “Masterpiece” can be found here.

At the start of the new year, Nickerson-Rossi Dance will also be performing at the International Dance Festival in Philadelphia.  The festival will run from January 17-19, 2020 and will include student programs and performances by dancers from around the world. You can find more information and tickets here.

Chad Allen Ortiz by Glenn Nutley Photography


In February, Nickerson-Rossi heads back to Palm Springs for a unique and exciting interactive experience during Modernism Week.

Nickerson-Rossi Dance (Alex Budin Photography)

The dance company will be hosting an epic tour of the Gala House. Built in 1973 by LA-based architect Cary Bigman, the home is part mid-century modern and part hotel-chic. The interior went through a massive renovation in 2018, making this a tour not to be missed.

Visitors will be greeted with a welcome champagne, and the tour the will begin. Throughout your time in the home, impromptu dance performances will happen all around you in rooms throughout the house. You’ll be served hors d’oeuvre and led to the backyard for an intimate dance performance exclusively for visitors to the Gala House. It’s sure to be an exciting and one-of-a-kind home tour. The tour and performance will take place on February 22, 2020. You can find more information and tickets here.

To keep up with the Nickerson-Rossi Dance company, you can follow them on Instagram and watch videos of their performances on their YouTube channel.


Nickerson-Rossi Dance (Alex Budin Photography)

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