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Uniworld – The Art of Cruising

by Our Editors

The newest boutique hotel in Paris doesn’t stay in Paris.

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The world is your canvas. Color it as you please.

The world is a big, vibrant, beautiful place. On your Uniworld cruise, you’ll experience it up close, while traveling on one of 18 unique and elegantly appointed ships in our boutique cruise collection.

Our award-winning ships are inspired by the colors, amazing detail and distinct style of the destinations you’ll visit on your voyage. Not only is each Uniworld ship unique, complete with handcrafted furniture commissioned exclusively for Uniworld, carefully curated original artwork and antiques, and a bespoke design scheme, but each room onboard your ship is as well.

Every ship is a work of art on water, just as each destination you’ll visit is a work of art on land.

Fully inclusive in more ways than one

Uniworld is truly an all-inclusive brand, which holds true for our itineraries and our guests. We are dedicated to creating memorable experiences and a caring environment for all of our guests and have taken necessary steps to ensure this holds true for the LGBT community.

We are also proud to be partnering with LGBT vacation entertainment company, R Family Vacations, to offer the LGBT community and their families a luxurious travel experience in sought-after destinations that are inviting and captivating. In the summer of 2018, R Family Vacations will host several sailings, which include group dinners, cocktail parties and excursions led by co-founders Gregg Kaminsky and Kelli Carpenter. And we’d love for you to join.

Uniworld Boutique Cruise Collection Highlights

The newest boutique hotel in Paris doesn’t stay in Paris.

Our newest Super Ship, S.S. Joie de Vivre, made its inaugural sailing in March 2017, and you can be one of the first to experience the joy of living onboard this intimate 128-passenger ship. Commissioned furniture, bright and beautiful ornate fabrics and a design inspired by 20th century Paris make this ship un chef-d’œuvre (a masterpiece), as the French say.

Maria Theresa herself would be impressed.

Our S.S. Maria Theresa features 18th-century décor and an elegant atmosphere throughout. Original art includes works by Frederik Bloemaert as well as a specially commissioned portrait of the ship’s namesake.

Onboard an S.S. Maria Theresa cruise, you’ll even have a rare opportunity to meet one of Maria Theresa’s direct descendants, Princess Anita von Hohenberg, at a private reception in her castle home. Her personality is just as delightful as her much-loved ancestor’s.

Our first Super Ship. Emphasis on super.

No matter what room you set foot in onboard our S.S. Antoinette, a reaction of “oh, my” or “oh, wow” will surely follow. This floating beauty is clad with Brazilian marble, Venetian glass mirrors, a stylish Bar du Leopard and an onboard cinema. But its most striking feature may very well be the 10-foot Strauss Baccarat chandelier clad with huge blue sapphire crystals, that once hung in New York’s famous Central Park restaurant, the Tavern on the Green. You can experience it hanging in the two-story lobby.

We welcome all discerning travelers to choose your favorite ship, a locale on your bucket list, or a combination of the two and come travel onboard the world’s best and most awarded luxury river cruise line.

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