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SWISS International Air Lines to Feature Culinary Delights from St. Moritz

by Keith langston

Enjoy the flavors and elegance of St. Moritz on all SWISS long-haul flights from December through the beginning of March.

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In the latest installment of SWISS International Air Line’s award-winning “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” in-flight dining experience, the airline will be featuring meals from St. Moritz. The alpine village has long been known for its immaculate ski slopes, luxurious resorts, and divine dining. The town has even hosted two Winter Olympics.

Now, Franck Schuster, the Chef de Cuisine at two of St. Moritz’s most notable establishments, the el paradiso Mountain Club and the Lej da Staz restaurant, is bringing the elegance of St. Moritz to First and Business class passengers on all SWISS long-haul flights from December through the beginning of March.

One special meal that he’s created is the “Meat Love” Meatloaf, available in First class.

Chef Schuster’s “Meat Love” (Photo Courtesy of SWISS International Air Lines)

One of Schuster’s house specialties, “Meat Love” is made using high-quality herbs and spices and comes drizzled with luscious morel sauce. SWISS says it’s the perfect meal to feature during the winter because it’s hearty yet fresh. For anyone looking for a lighter option, he’s also created his own version of a poke bowl that’s made using barley and salmon, and is served with a fig and mustard dressing. For dessert, enjoy his millefeuille, made from layered puff pastry cake with crème pâtissière in between each layer.

In Business class, flyers will be treated to braised beef drizzled with a red wine sauce, served atop of bed of polenta, and accompanied with alpine cheese.

Braised Beef with Red Wine Drizzle (Photo Courtesy of SWISS International Air Lines)

For dessert in Business class, passengers can delight their tastebuds with a wonderful, wintry sweet chestnut mascarpone mousse on white chocolate, accompanied by a refreshing pear slice.

In both classes, passengers will also enjoy a fabulous selection of wine and cheese, something SWISS has always been known for. The regional cheese selection includes a Ftan organic mountain cheese and an Engadin Forte. The First Class wines include a 2018 Chardonnay from the Davaz estate and a 2017 Trocla Nera Pinot Noir from the Obrecht winery, while the Business Class wine list extends to a 2018 Pinot Noir Spätlese Barrique from the Von Salis winery in Malans and a 2018 Riesling-Silvaner from the Hermann estate.

To experience fine dining at 35,0000 feet and to experience the ultimate in inflight service book a SWISS trip now.





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