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How Private Aviation is Alleviating Challenges for the LGBTQ Community

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Monarch Air - Fort Lauderale Private Aviation Company

Private aviation has come as a refuge for many in need of travel, whether for leisure or business.

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Fort Lauderdale-based private jet charter provider Monarch Air Group shares its vision on how private aviation plays a key role in providing a safe environment to all passengers.

Private aviation as a haven

Monarch Air - Fort Lauderale Private Jet CompanyPrivate aviation has come as a refuge for many in need of travel, whether for leisure or business. It not only allows passengers reduce uncertainty and control their travel experience to a large extent, but also grants their loved ones with a safe environment. The process is fast with minimal touchpoints, removed from crowded terminals, and professional staff awaits for a secure and flawless boarding procedure. Whether you are traveling alone, with your pet or partner.

Monarch Air Group president, David Gitman, said, “We thrive to provide a safe environment for all our travelers. Our main job is our passenger’s wellbeing and to deliver a superior service regardless of external uncertainties surrounding the global social, political or economic agenda. We will continue to place the needs of our clients as our top priority, actively listening to their concerns, with the aim to provide the fully tailored service they deserve”.

A place to be yourself

Private aviation will not solve the pandemic nor minimize illogical or aggressive behavior from the population, nevertheless, it has effectively demonstrated it can provide a safe and reliable service that, thanks to a highly prepared group of professionals, from staff members to pilots, might make a huge difference for various individuals and families around the globe with the need and right for a stress-free travel experience.

Providing a safe travel environment: easier said than done

Monarch Air - Fort Lauderale Private Aviation CompanyIt is no secret that the pandemic has hit entire countries and communities, affecting habits, job security, the mental health of millions, and even relationships due to social distancing policies. On the travel realm, global bans have disrupted how we do business and engage face-to-face.

Although the LGBTQ community will need much more than a pandemic to be unsettled, the uncertainty of not being able to organize Pride Celebrations or gathering with loved ones, for instance, might take its toll if this new normality continues long-term. A very recent study from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in India, titled Struggle and Perspectives of the Sexual Minorities, highlights the previous and the impact of the outbreak.

Combining the widespread misinformation and beliefs about the LGBTQ community with the uncertainties from a public health perspective imposed by the pandemic, might result in a rather discouraging environment.

According to misterBnB, factors affecting the travel decision making of the LGBTQ community are, not surprisingly, personal health and safety. For instance, the finding of a vaccine for the virus is a relevant piece to the puzzle, with a whopping 71% of U.S. based participants planning to wait for a vaccine before traveling again. Furthermore, domestic trips seem to be the option for now, with 66% of respondents in the U.S. wanting to stay close to home. And when it comes to the preferred means of transportation, 60% feel comfortable enough to use an aircraft for their first trip after the pandemic, with Fort Lauderdale, New York, and San Francisco in the top ten destination preferences.

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