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by Matthew Wexler
José Manuel Amaro W Insider W Punta de Mita

Passionate about the hospitality industry since he was 19 years old, José Manuel worked as a flight attendant for several years before cultivating his skills as a concierge.

Matthew Wexler

I also love Riviera Nayarit’s local cuisine. Our gastronomy is one of the most amazing in the world and can be experienced in the small towns and villages throughout the region. For those headed to Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend one of the Vallarta Eats Food Tours (Tel: 312- 473-1085. The Signature Taco Tour, Mole Pozole (which features family-style stops), the Mexican Beer Experience (the craft beer scene is booming), and other itineraries take participants throughout downtown to sample what locals usually enjoy. They can also be adapted for individual preferences or allergies. I also love that it’s an edible way to learn about the local culture and traditions!

How does W Punta de Mita’s Away Spa incorporate Huichol culture into its signature treatments?

Our 4,000-square-foot AWAY Spa is truly a tropical paradise, featuring a wooden relaxation deck, Meditation Labyrinth, and signature treatments unique to the region. I recommend a fabulous ritual inspired by Wixárika ancestral culture that includes a Tatewari candle massage, salt and capsicum wrap, and organic paprika facial. The treatment features a combination of natural ingredients such as capsicum, lime, and poppy seeds to recharge the senses, alleviate tension, and bring softness and hydration to the skin.

What do you recommend when the sun sets? Is there regular nightlife programming at the resort?

W Punta de Mita Beach

W Punta de Mita Beach


We have several events scheduled during the evenings, like the Chevy Night, which is a barbecue on the beach, and certain nights of the week, a DJ plays in our Living Room, with a spectacular bar at the heart of the resort. Signature cocktails paired with music creates a sophisticated, sexy ambiance.

What are some of your favorite gay hot spots in nearby Puerto Vallarta?

My top picks include Mr. Flamingo (Lázaro Cárdenas & I.L. Vallarta Tel: +52-322-223-4488. to start the evening and enjoy some beers in the open-air environment. La Noche (Lázaro Cárdenas 263. serves great cocktails on its sprawling rooftop terrace and features an array of dancers, go-go boys and other entertainment throughout the night. When you’re ready to go dancing yourself, head to CC Slaughters (Lázaro Cárdenas 254, Tel: +52-322-222-3412. to dance until the sun rises. These are located in Old Town, also known as Zona Romantica, along with other bars all within a few short blocks.

At the end of a long and luxurious visit to Riviera Nayarit, what is the ultimate tourist takeaway?

We host guests from all over the world, and what they choose to take home varies, but favorite items include a piece of traditional Huichol artwork (our resort features Huichol “Munny” statues decorated with the tribe’s unique beading techniques), a bottle of local tequila or mezcal, and home décor/clothing from one of the many boutiques in San Pancho and Sayulita. W Punta de Mita sources some of its in-room décor from a Sayulita-based design studio called Revolución del Sueño (55 Manuel Navarrete., where our guests love to shop and bring the resort’s look home with them.

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