Exploring the Balkans

by Jason Heidemann
The Balkans, Kotor, Montenegro (Photo by S-F)

The whole scene reminds me of a vintage postcard, the kind that rewards thrift store scavengers by showing how different a city skyline looked decades ago.

Written by Jason Heidemann (Photo: Kotor Montenegro by S-F)


Garden B&B: Clean and charming bed and breakfast in good location and with affordable rates. (Rruga Kusuri Nr.8, Tirana. Tel: 355-69-558-1794. garden-bb.tirana.hotels-al.com/en)

Era: Family-friendly restaurant serving excellent Albanian food at affordable prices. (Ismail Qemali road, app 13/2 Tirana. Tel: 355-69-406-6662. era.al)

Bunk’Art: Museum and art gallery built within former communist era bunker.(Rruga Fadil Deliu, Tirana. Tel: 355-67-207-2905. bunkart.al)

Pyramid of Tirana: Architectural icon currently under renovation. (8RFC+7J, Tirana)

Grand Park of Tirana: Excellent city park boasting numerous restaurants, kiosks, and green spaces. (8R6G+W32, Rruga Herman Gmeiner, Tirana)

Mullixhiu: Rustic chic dining room serving locally sourced Albanian specialties. (Lasgush Poradeci St at Artificial Lake in Grand Park of Tirana. Tel: 355-69-666-0444. mullixhiu.al)

Restaurant With a View at Hotel Adrovic, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (Photo by Creative Travel Projects)

Restaurant With a View at Hotel Adrovic, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro (Photo by Creative Travel Projects)

Durrës Amphitheatre: Ancient Roman amphitheater and top attraction in seaside Durrës. (8C6W+V2M, Rruga Kalase, Durrës)

Salt: Trendy and buzzy restaurant in hip Blloku. (Rruga Pjetër Bogdani, Tiranë. Tel: 355-69-400-0013. salt.al)

Mrizi i Zanave: Working agri-tourism farm built partially within a former prison. (4505 Fishtë. Tel: 355-69-210-8032. mriziizanave.al)

Traditional Serbian and Balkan grilled meat called mesano meso (Photo by Daria KM)

Traditional Serbian and Balkan grilled meat called mesano meso (Photo by Daria KM)


Astoria Hotel Kotor: Charming boutique hotel in the heart of the old city and featuring affordable rates. (CQFC+P77, Trg od pošte, Old Town, Kotor. Tel: 382-32-302. astoriamontenegro.com)

Cats of Kotor: Gift shop devoted to Kotor’s large population of cats. (Stari Grad 490, Kotor. Tel: 382-69-249-783.)

Kotor Cats Museum: Museum devoted to Kotor’s feral and friendly cats. (Trg Gospa od Andela, Stari Grad 371, Kotor. catsmuseum.org)

Cesarica: Charming,tucked away restaurant, specializing in seafood and local cuisine. (375, Kotor. Tel: 382-69-049-733.)

San Giovanni Fortress: Medieval fortress perched above the city of Kotor. (St John Fortress, Rd to the Fort of St. Ivan, Špiljari.)


Kopun Restaurant: Old City restaurant boasting Croatian recipes that have been around for centuries. (Poljana Ruđera Boškovića 7, Dubrovnik. Tel: 385-20-323-969. restaurantkopun.com)

Buža Bar: Bustling tourist bar perched on the outer walls of Old Town. (Crijevićeva ul. 9, Dubrovnik. Tel: 385-98-361-934.)

360 Dubrovnik: Excellent Michelin-starred restaurant in Old Town. (Sv. Dominka bb, Dubrovnik. Tel: 385-20-322-222. 360Dubrovnik.com)

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