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Craig Ramsay — “Workout’s A Drag”

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I’m told that my training itself has personality and putting that on camera sort of fell into my lap.

by Jason Gutierrez

Amazing biceps. Solid chest. Strong legs. Heroic abs. Charming smile. Baby blue eyes. Take all those attributes, mix them in a blender with a few scoops of protein powder, and you will get trainer and Bravo star Craig Ramsay. First melting our hearts as part of Jackie Warner’s Bravo show Thintervention, Ramsay has continued to toe the line of being reality star. While he inspires and trains clients around the world, two projects in particular are sure to put him back in the mainstream media’s eye. Ramsay has partnered with Drag Star Pandora Boxx to create an entertaining fitness experience called “Workout’s a Drag.” They reached their Kickstarter goal this summer and plan to released the fitness DVD series mid-Dec. Well boys and girls want to get in shape? Ramsay says it’s time to get physical! So what are you waiting for? Tips, tricks and favorite destination trips are all here for you to enjoy.

You manage to be in phenomenal shape no matter what’s going on in your life: TV, training clients, and travel. How do you do it? What’s the secret that works for you?

Unfortunately there is no secret or magical pill. I wish, cause I would be first to sign up. I enjoy life and all it has to offer and what keeps me in shape is balance and moderation. If I’m in Vegas and embarrass myself at the buffet, you can bet you will see me put in double time at the gym. If I’m filming or with clients all day and don’t have time for a proper workout for myself, my food intake will reflect this. My philosophy of “The World’s your Gym” helps when I travel. I can throw together an athletic, effective exercise program wherever I am…even in church!

What are the best and perhaps easiest three workout moves or exercises that someone always on the go can do to keep their goals on track?

1. Burpee or bastardo burped (that one is interesting, look it up).

2. Jump and crawl across a hotel bed back and forth repeatedly (great cardio & weight resistance program).

3. Stretching. A body that experiences full range of movement rarely has the opportunity to hold onto unhealthy weight.

How did you take the step from trainer to TV personality and trainer?

I’m told that my training itself has personality and putting that on camera sort of fell into my lap. In 2010, shortly after moving to L.A from NYC, Bravo asked me to be myself and showcase my work and personality on their fitness series Thintervention. I honestly was a little nervous to not play a role and just be myself in front of the camera. I wasn’t used to doing that.

Were you hesitant to get in front of the camera?

ABSOLUTELY! I was hesitant being in front of the camera as myself. Playing a character is no problem, but apparently I’m more of a character as myself then any role I ever played! I have an affirmation: “Turn fear or self doubt into gratitude.” That helps me relax and be myself in front of the camera. I can say I get more nervous about bringing friends and loved ones on camera with me, I’m very protective of people and want to make sure they aren’t nervous.

When you’re not working, where do you like to escape to? What are your top three favorite travel destinations and why?

1. Palm Springs: Time it right with traffic and you can drive to Palm Springs in less than two hours (from Los Angeles) and it energetically rejuvenates me, it’s old Hollywood meets Hawaii. I LOVE it!

2. Vegas: Great food, great spas, great gyms and luxury accommodations…oh, and of course fun slot machines.

3. Wine Country: Healdsburg and Sonoma County have some of my favorite getaways—it’s romantic and blissful. Biking, hiking, and jogging are some of my favorite activities there.

Where is one destination that you have not been to yet but are dying to go and why?

New Orleans! Can you believe I’ve never been? Being Canadian born, New Orleans intrigues me and I swear someone almost weekly tells me how much I’d love it there.

What is it about fitness that brings you joy? Is it the outward effects? Is it the relationships you build with clients?

Fitness and health are much more than reps and sets in the gym. The way we posture, move, and put our body into motion throughout the day can help us achieve fitness. A body that moves is living! And I love living my life to the fullest; of course that translates to loving the challenge of discovering what my body is capable of doing. I love helping clients achieve greatness in the gym because that always transfers into their life outside of the gym.

What’s in the works for you? Any new projects coming out that you can talk about?

I paired up with Drag Race alum star Pandora Boxx and created “Workout’s a Drag”, a toning, tightening and weight loss program for ALL people, with a twist of entertainment and comedy. I’ll also be back on your tele soon but I’ll be sued if I share more than that…ok, here’s some more. I just wrapped up filming a series with my husband, Brandon Liberati for a major cable network. It follows our business of “Fit and Phab” (Beauty & Fitness), but most of the focus is on our relationship and marriage which has been the most vulnerable and growing experience of my life…people will know us in ways they probably never expected or wanted to!

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