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The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist From Some of Your Favorite Celebrities

by Keith langston

We reached out to some of your favorite stars, from Margaret Cho to Coco Peru, creating the perfect road trip playlist!

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The all-American road trip is back! Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many travelers have decided to skip crowded airplanes and big cities, instead favoring outdoor adventure, National Parks, RVing, and road-tripping to nearby destinations and weekend getaways.

And with so many people hitting the pavement, we thought it would be a great idea to curate your ultimate road trip playlist. We reached out to singers, actors, and comedians, asking for their favorite tunes while cruising down the highway, giving you the perfect soundtrack for traveling. Here’s what the stars had to say…


Miss Coco Peru

Song: The Killing Moon, by Echo and the Bunnymen

Photo Courtesy of Coco Peru

Drag sensation and Instagram-favorite, Coco Peru says, “I have so many genres of music that I bring along on my road trips, but one of my all-time favorite songs is the 1984 classic “The Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen. There is something about this song that taps into my heart and imagination. It’s mysterious, sexy, dark, and dreamy. It definitely goes with me wherever I travel!”


Rufus Wainwright

Song: Hold Me Now, by the Thompson Twins

Photo: Tony Hauser

Rufus Wainwright, who just released his much-anticipated new album Unfollow the Rules, said, “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins is just wonderful. The other day, my 8-year-old daughter was playing songs that she likes, like Shawn Mendes and Ariana Grande. Then I started thinking about what I listened to at her age…and the song that immediately came to mind was “Hold Me Now”. I was always really, really struck by how well it stood up, how positive it is, and how sophisticated it is in terms of storytelling. It’s great for keeping the car ride smooth and easy.”


Margaret Cho

Song: I Drove All Night, by Cyndi Lauper

Photo: Sergio Garcia

Margaret Cho, who can currently be heard on her hit podcast, The Margaret Cho, says, “It’s a great song and both versions (Roy Orbison also has a hit version of the song) are stunning. The two versions are pretty different, and I feel a little more drawn to Cyndi’s version because I heard it every night on the True Colors Tour with her. But both of these are wonderful driving songs, and also perfect train songs…as well as plane songs! They set your body in motion and you just feel like you are one with the road and the wind.”



Song: I Found Someone, by Cher

Photo: Shawn Adeli

Drag star, singer, comedian, and winner of Drag Race: All-Stars, Alaska shares her favorite Cher tune, saying, “There’s something about hearing Cher wailing about finding a new lover and overcoming heartache that makes it impossible not to sing along.  Not to mention, car speakers are literally the best because it makes it seem like Cher is in the car with you…which is exactly where I want Cher to be at all time.”



Song: Televised, by HUNNY

Photo: Cesar Balcazar

YouTube sensation, mxmtoon, known for her breakout hits like Prom Dress and her new single, bon iver, stated, “Televised” is one of those songs that you want to listen to on a long road trip with the windows rolled down, while you’re singing with your friends! It’s got a beachy, indie vibe, and I put it on my playlist every time I hit the freeway!”



Song: Baby I’m a Star, by Prince and Freedom! ’90, by George Michael

Photo: Magnus Hastings

Singer and star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Peppermint, shared two songs with us, saying, “Baby, I’m a Star” is rebellious and loud! It’s an undeniable party, perfect for driving with friends. And “Freedom! ’90” is such a Jam! It’s bright, poppy and soulful. The PERFECT sing-A-long for a cross-country drive.”


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