Business Profile: Gregg Brunson-Pitts, Advanced Aviation Team

by Matthew Wexler
Gregg Brunson-Pitts, Advanced Aviation Team

Brunson-Pitts had worked extensively with private jet charter companies as a client on behalf of the White House, so he flipped the script and took a consulting position with a large charter company...

The Falcon 8X is another large-cabin jet choice for that “pride in the sky” party you’ve always dreamt of. Various configurations offer plenty of options for high-altitude rest or play, along with high-speed connectivity for Internet access and communication even over oceans, so you’re always on top of your game, even if you’re not running for president. Lighting, temperature, and window shades are all controlled by passengers via side-ledge controls or the Falcon app.

Gulfstream G550, Advanced Aviation Team

Gulfstream G550

Heavyweights aside, Advanced Aviation Team sources a broad range of aircraft, whether you’re heading cross country or just want to avoid highway gridlock to your favorite weekend destination. For example, Brunson- Pitts says Miami has been a hot destination during the past year, with East Coasters also taking advantage of the quick commute to the ever-popular Hamptons or Cape Cod. Often flying out of small airports, a private flight can reduce the points of contact from 700 to less than 30, according to an analysis by consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Owning his own business has brought its share of sleepless nights for Brunson-Pitts, but for the past decade he’s had a devoted partner to help him soar. His personal life was on the back burner for many years as he regularly clocked long hours in multiple time zones, but post-White House he could dedicate more time to building relationships, and in 2011 met his now-husband Brooks.

“He’s always been super-supportive of this business. I mean, I really started it on our kitchen island with my laptop,” remembers Brunson-Pitts. “And I left a paying job with benefits, you know, all those things to start my own business. He’s been amazing the whole time.”

Brunson-Pitts approaches his business with the same kind of authenticity he brings to his relationship and family (the couple has two adorable children, Thomas and Abigail). He says he’s “proud to represent as a gay business owner” but acknowledges that the aviation industry as a whole could do better. LGBTQ employee resource groups have emerged over the years among major U.S. airlines, and the National Gay Pilots Association has been working to “build, support and unite the LGBTQ aviation community worldwide since 1990,” according to its mission statement.

With 30 percent growth over the past year, Brunson-Pitts sees a bright future for Advanced Aviation Team and even greater possibilities for LGBTQ representation in the industry. Flying into the sunset isn’t just a wanderlust-driven dream, but a business plan that’s soaring into the future.

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