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Book Yourself a Vacation and Give One to a First Responder

by Keith langston

Book a Vacation Stay Now, and One Will be Donated to a First Responder

Keith Langston

We can all agree that, right now, times are tough. As travelers, we’re unable to do the thing that comes most naturally to us: Travel! We must remember to keep our eye on the prize. A short period of hibernating now will mean the world can open back up to us sooner.

One project, called Buy One Give One Stay, is trying to help out in a very unique (and totally awesome) way. The premise is simple: You book a vacation stay, or even buy a gift card, to some of the world’s leading hotels and they will donate a free stay to a first responder.

Participating Hotel: The Langham Huntington in Pasadena (Photo: Joanna K Drakos)

Participating hotels include some of the most well-respected in the business, like The Langham, The Fairmont Collection, and Hilton, as well as some awesome and funky local hideaways, like The Flamingo in California’s Wine Country, and the Catskill Seasons Inn, located near the historic site of the famous Woodstock music festival! In total, there are hotels from the Caribbean to Polynesia, to Canada to Europe, and many of them are offering special promotions through the BOGO campaign. The hardest part will simply be deciding where to go.

The coolest part about this program is that it will help out in more ways than one. Not only will it be giving a much-deserved reward to America’s workers on the frontlines, but it will also help rejuvenate the world’s hospitality and tourism industry, which, if left ignored, could lead to millions losing the ability to provide for their families.

Participating hotel: Curacao Renaissance (Photo: NAN728)

Organizations receiving the donated hotel stays include the American Nurses Association and the New York-Presbyterian medical network, which operates numerous hospitals and patient facilities. To keep up with the program and to show your support, use #BuyOneGiveOneStay and #BuyOneGiveOne on social media.

For a full list of hotels and resorts that are participating, check out the BOGO Vacay Layaway website. There, you can find more info, as well as the full list. Then you can click on the various hotel’s links and book directly through them. The promotion is running now through June 30, 2020

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