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Orlando Dish! 3 Culinary Wizards Spill The Beans

by Our Editors
Orlando Cuisine (Photo by Mykola Moriev)

Grab a fork and join us as we dish up some magic with three unique culinary wizards in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Cuisine (Photo by Mykola Moriev)

If you love to eat, in Orlando, you’ll discover amazing culinary creations just waiting for you to savor and enjoy!

It’s the perfect getaway for people who appreciate good food and wine, and the chefs who create mouth-watering wonders in the kitchen. So grab a fork and join us as we dish up some magic with three unique culinary wizards in Orlando, Florida.

Trina Gregory-Propst

Trina Gregory-Propst is one of the Chef Owners (along with her wife VA Propst) of Se7enbites Sweet & Savory Southern Bakeshop (se7enbites.com). Together they have filled Orlando’s pie holes for almost 10 years now. They are a family of three with one 17 year old son who is heading into his senior year, and who also works on weekends at the restaurant. VA is a Florida native while Trina, a transplant from Texas, has been living in Florida for 43 years.

Holding Pie Retoched, Trina Gregory-Propst is one of the Chef Owners (along with her wife VA Propst) of Se7enbites Sweet & Savory Southern Bakeshop

Trina Gregory-Propst is one of the Chef Owners (along with her wife) of Se7enbites Sweet & Savory Southern Bakeshop

Who are some of your culinary role models?
There are so many role models in our industry, some whom are known to me and we have worked together, as well as Chefs that I’ve admired from afar. Locally one of the first female Chefs I have had the privilege to watch and work with is Chef Kathleen Blake. I’ve also worked alongside Chef Elizabeth Faulkner, Chef Cheryl Day, Chef Tiffani Faison, and Chef Maneet Chauhan. From afar I have admired Chef Erin French, Chef Antonio Lafasso, and Chef Brooke Williamson, women leaders in this industry who are incredibly talented and such an inspiration.

What is your motto or philosophy when it comes to food?
As a recipient of gastric sleeve surgery, my food philosophy has grown and developed over the years. One of the most important lessons in changing food behaviors is to feel fulfilled in the few (7 bites for me…) bites that you can consume, so that has shaped my food philosophy. I tend to push the limits of flavor, salt, seasoning, and extracts to the point of no return. If I label something as say “salted Caramel,” you better believe it’s salted. If you are only getting a few tastes or bites it better be the best damn bites you get!

What is one of your proudest signature creations in the kitchen?
I am super proud of all the food that comes out of our kitchens, but if I had to pick I would say it’s the pie that started it all,
Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Pecan. As a true Southerner, pecan pie is a thing, only I do not like that weird texture you get when baking a pecan pie of floating pecans and that weird gelatinous sugary bottom. So I reinvented my Grammies recipe, added from scratch salted caramel, cooked it before it goes in a pie shell, then let it cool and mix it all up so there are nuts and filling throughout, add a little dark chocolate in the bottom of the pie, double crust it and rebake it. It’s truly a masterpiece for your mouth: dark caramel notes, pecan pieces throughout ensuring pecans in every bite, and then that hint of bittersweet chocolate rounding out your flavor journey. Yep, I’m pretty happy with that one!

Which celebrity or well-known person would you most love to see come in and enjoy your food?
My favorite people to feed are other Chefs, they have a true appreciation for food made from scratch with every ounce of love poured into it. Everyone who dines with us leaves “well-known,” that’s our Southern way.

What are some of your favorite local restaurants?
Ooooohhhh SO many places that we love. You can typically find us at Garp & Fuss, Beth’s Burger Bar, DOMU, Deli Desires, Piggza, Tornatores, Black Rooster Taqueria, The Pinery, or having cocktails at Proper or Courtesy.

What are some local food or beverage products that visitors should bring back home with them?
You can’t leave Orlando without visiting all of our local breweries, but you can find our favorite Florida beer right here at Se7enbites: Orange Blossom Brewings Orange Blossom Pilsner. It’s the perfect taste of Florida. Also, wine from our local winery Quantum Leap. And don’t leave for home without some baked goods from us, Gideons ginormous cookies, donuts from Valkyrie, some local honey, and a visit to La Femme Du Fromage in East End for all your cheesy desires.

Why is Orlando such a great place for love food?
Orlando is so much more than just our theme parks. This local community has embraced, welcomed, and supported small locally owned businesses in such big ways for so many years. Our food scene is thriving and growing and is truly a rival for any big city food scene. Come visit us and see why we call it The City Beautiful. Enjoy all the culinary excitement Orlando has to give any time you visit! We are all waiting to feed you!

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