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Tokyo’s outstanding culinary scene includes more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world, as well as fabulous, affordable: sushi bars, ramen shops, and tasty street food.

Your polished black taxi swerves along the KK Expressway.  Walls of skyscrapers, jammed together like props in a surreal video game, reach out to you like branches of an ancient Gingko tree. At the same time, the taxi is immaculate, with laced seat backs and complimentary cell phone chargers. Welcome to Tokyo, a dynamic, world class city that attracts travelers interested in both high-tech innovation and traditional culture, as well as fresh and authentic cuisine, nuanced with just the right touch of umami.

Inside the tall, often “starchitect”-designed buildings you discover: fashionable right-off-the-runway clothiers, high class hotels, intelligent robots, and galleries featuring the most contemporary art. Here, young people strive for kawaii“cuteness,” and trendy pop-culture-themed experiences fascinate foreigners at anime museums, manga stores, and cat, bunny and even owl cafés. Meanwhile, old and replica turn-of-the-Twentieth Century edifices house: kabuki theater, sumo wrestling, Nihonga-style artist studios, tatami-matted tea rooms, kimono vendors, saké breweries, temples and shrines.

Tokyo’s outstanding culinary scene includes more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the world, as well as fabulous, affordable: sushi bars, ramen shops, and tasty street food. There are also: craft beer pubs, hidden whiskey cellars, saké and wine bars, and sophisticated jazz and blues clubs. Though the population of Tokyo city’s 23 special wards called “ku” is about 9.3 million, both locals and travelers alike find solace in the plethora of parks, gardens, and other green spaces, including high-rise garden terraces, and even nearly 2,000-ft. tall Mount Takao, sprinkled with sacred sites and spectacular views of Tokyo and beyond.

All of this is held together by omotenashi hospitality and a sophisticated on-time train system, where conductors always greet you with an honorable bow. Tokyo is truly a place where old meets new. Check tokyotokyo.jp, Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s brand site, and find out more travel information at www.gotokyo.org



“Omotenashi” is the distinctly Japanese way of hospitality which anticipates the guest’s needs, for an experience that goes beyond normal expectations. Each and every day, and on each and every flight, from all of the employees at ANA, the aim is to not only achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction, but to embody the true spirit of “omotenashi”.

That is why, along with the support of our customers, ANA is both proud and humbled to have been awarded 5 stars by the SKYTRAX World Airline Rating for the 5th consecutive year, and the first Japanese carrier to achieve this remarkable feat.
ANA has received high praise for its integrated, high-quality services, and is currently the only Japanese airline with a 5-star rating. Mindful of our 5-star status and always thankful to our customers, we will not let this great honor allow us to rest on our laurels. Going forward, ANA will continue striving for safe, high-quality air travel for customers across the globe, and always provide services full of excitement and wonder.

ANA looks forward to welcoming you on board from one of our 11 North American gateways with 16 daily non-stop flights to Tokyo and connections throughout Asia including your choice of 2 daily non-stops from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport serving both Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda Airports.

Wherever your journey takes you, at ANA you have our unwavering commitment to quality and Japanese hospitality with a personal touch.

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