International Gay Nightlife Gurus

by Jimmy Im

Proving dance culture in the gay nightlife scene has an auspicious future, we rounded up five prominent, noise-making trailblazers who are dreaming of tomorrow and taking back the night.

Horse Meat Disco, Worldwide


[W]hen a singer in a small town gets attention for a hit song, he spreads the love by going on tour. Horse Meat Disco is essentially no different. The party that started in London has become so popular, it’s now glob- ally (yes, globally) renowned within the gay nightlife scene, touring the world at gay hot spots while running residences in London, Berlin, and New York City. “The idea of starting a party came from a dear friend, now departed, Adam Goldstone in NYC who, when hearing my frustrations with much of the gay scene, suggested I start a party myself,” says James Hillard, one of the founders of Horse Meat Disco. Along with his friend Jim Stanton, who was already running successful parties in London’s Soho, they dreamt up Horse Meat Disco. “We thought we could do something better and decided to put our money where our mouths were!”

Clearly, it worked. Horse Meat Disco has become such a phenomenon that their parties, wherever they take place, are packed to the bone with well known DJs like David Morales, James Murphy, and Dimitri from Paris behind the decks. As the parties continue to grow, the group still keeps its indie-cool, all-accepting beat. “Our crowds are a wonderful mix of all nightlife tribes. We’re the queer party for everyone in a post-gender linear world.”

With their loving attitude and memorable events, Horse Meat Disco has already amassed a cult following and continues to spread love for not only their parties but gay nightlife in general. “Despite the march of a bland mainstream gay culture and homoconformity, there are pockets of great things happening in gay nightlife. From Berlin to Pittsburgh, there are underground parties that remind me of more interesting times and gives me some hope that the next generation will get to experience great parties, music, and crazy people.”

For future events, check out Horse Meat Disco on Facebook or listen in on their radio show every Sunday 1-3 P.M. on Rinse FM.

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