Healthy Meals Delivered! Meal-Prep Services Around The World

by Allister Chang

This will be an exciting year to try and taste different meal-prep services as competition really starts to heat up. For travelers, the best services also offer unique local foods and flavors.

It’s no surprise that Vegas offers some of the strictest meal-prep programs. Most are built for people in “the industry,” and are not user-friendly for travelers. Meal-Prep Las Vegas (, which specializes in high protein meals, only serves clients who subscribe to weekly meal plans.

There are others, however, that deliver lean healthy à la carte meals to your door. Foodie Fit ( offers carb-free à-la-carte meals like zucchini chicken chow mein ($8.49) and kung fit chicken ($7.99).



My personal favorite, MealPrepology (, offers absolute customizability and flexibility. “Seliac? Only eat squash? Want to build muscle? Want to burn fat? No problem. We’re here to help— we’ll customize your meal and offer foods in the right proportions to help you achieve your goals,” says Jessica Chang, the co-founder of MealPrepology.

Christopher Cody, also co-founder of MealPrepology, has worked as a fitness trainer for many years. He’s won physique competitions and attributes most of those successes with eating healthy food in the right proportions.

When you get your first meal from MealPrepology, you fill out a form about yourself with your body macros and goals. The MealPrepology team customizes meals and portions for you, allowing customers to pick from over 80 proteins. No menu is the same, and all range from $9.25 to $12 per meal, inclusive of tax and delivery charges.

During your next trip to Vegas, give it a try. Maybe you’ll come back feeling better than when you left (blasphemy again, I know). Give the MealPrepology team a call or e-mail a few days before your trip. They’ll ask you a few questions and have fully customized homecooked meals ready for you when you arrive, delivered to your hotel. Nothing like Cajun shrimp on cauliflower rice to satisfy midnight munchies after you see Britney, right?

Galley Foods Lunch Salmon and BlackRice

Galley Foods Lunch Salmon and BlackRice

Download an app. Pick from a menu. Have your selections prepared and delivered to you in 20 minutes. Convenient, and like other top meal-prep services, fully transparent about ingredients, calories, fat, protein, and carbs. Pick from selections like salmon teriyaki and Japanese sweet potato ($13.95) and chipotle pulled-pork burrito ($12.95).

Growing their business at first by taking orders from EventBrite and Google Docs, Sprig ( has upgraded their technology to use data science and machine learning to predict demand and coordinate delivery. Sprig now serves thousands of meals per day, and bring in guest chefs like Matthew Accarrino of SPQR to reimagine their menus.

Sprig’s portions are smaller and their prices are higher than many other meal-prep services around the country, butSprig’s meals are still lower-cost than many restaurants in the city offering similar meals. Where else are you going to get a relatively high quality grilled flank steak for $14.95? Order Sprig to be delivered to your hotel during your next trip to save time, money, and have more transparency on ingredients and nutrition.

Galley Foods Dinner Forbidden Black Rice

Galley Foods Dinner Forbidden Black Rice

The meal-prep services with the largest selection, fastest delivery times, greatest customizability, and most consistency of operations are based in the USA. Internationally, there are a few companies that are worth trying if you want to enjoy a healthy meal at you hotel or residence abroad.

Cape Town, South Africa
The Door Step Chef ( employs four chefs, 26 kitchen assistants, and 21 drivers to bring their clients healthy, fresh meals every day. Orders must be made for a full week, and must be made and paid for by Monday. They also have a rather wide delivery time range (1 P.M. to 7 P.M.).

London, England
EatFirst ( offers vegetable rich foods with stand- out packaging for delivery. They serve zones 1-3 in London and offer delivery slots that are 45-minutes wide between 11:30 A.M. and 2 P.M. for lunch and 5:30 P.M. and 10 P.M. for dinner.

Taipei, Taiwan
EatSmart ( offers a two-day “discover us plan.” They also provide a five-day “office meal plan” with one-meal per day at around 500 calories, delivered fresh to your office or apartment.

EatSmart Taipei Souvlaki Salad

EatSmart Taipei Souvlaki Salad

Tel Aviv, Israel
Yummi ( delivers home-cooked meals featuring local flavors, with a requirement for orders to be made at least a day in advance. Their website is in Hebrew, but they respond to inquiries in English.

Paris, France
City Chef ( celebrates French-gastronomy in their kitchen and then delivers freshly cooked meals to your door by electric scooter. Add-ons include cheese plates and Veuve Clicquot. Their delivery charges can get quite pricey (up to €15).

FoodChéri ( delivers daily cooked meals with international flavors in 30 minutes on average and offer an easy to use app to help you choose your meal. Additionally, each menu item includes information about the chef who will be cooking that specific dish that day. Their website is in French, and they require a €8.50 minimum.

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