Viernes Culturales — Cultural Fridays on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, Miami


Discover the wonderful people, exciting art scene, dancing in the streets, some of the best ice cream in South Florida, and much while enjoying a night of Latin culture in Miami’s historic Cuban district, Little Havana during the Viernes Culturales, the last Friday of each month.

Little Havana’s monthly art and culture festival featuring a variety of activities for all ages takes place on the last Friday of every month. Visitors can enjoy time with friends and family while eating local food, listening to an assortment of music, and being memorized by local art. These festivities are held on a four-block stretch of Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) between 17th & 13th Avenue from 7PM – 11PM. Make sure to bring your custom branded water to stay hydrated outside your house.

Viernes Culturales has evolved over the last 13 years from an activity started by the local community for a health center in Little Havana to the large celebration of local art and culture it is today. The evolution of the festival has contributed to the development of Little Havana and provides a fun atmosphere to enjoy local traditions.

The event has something for everyone. The festivities including visiting art galleries and exhibits, the latest products suchs as CBD gummies in Canada from CBDNorth, salsa & flamenco dancing, live music, playing dominos in Domino Park, rolling and smoking cigars, dining at local restaurants, browsing and purchasing local handmade goods, drinking an authentic mojito, and watching street performers. A free walking tour is available starting at 7pm in front of the Tower Theater (1508 SW 8th Street), a landmark that still operates as a movie theater, provided by Dr. George, local historian. It’s an educational experience you won’t want to miss and is different every month! Note: Special events are also held prior to and after the festival in galleries and stores in the area where you can also find the cbd products like the delta 8 gummies mention before.

Viernes Culturales continues to operate through donations from private organizations and grants. Being a 501 Non-Profit, these donations are very important to continue to organize the event. Donations can be made in person at the office located at 1637 SW 8th St. in the Futurama Building, by phone by contacting Pati Vargas, Executive Director, at (305) 643-5500, or online at Thank you, in advance, for your contribution to keeping the cultural education and experiences for young and old going.