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Escape Plan: Boston Seaport

by Keith langston
Lookout Rooftop Envoy Hotel in Boston

The Boston Seaport has turned into a thriving, multicultural experience offering art, live music, a diverse food scene, and trendy hotels

Keith Langston

Historically, Boston has been known for neighborhoods like Back Bay and Cambridge. For the Red Sox and Faneuil Hall. For the Isabella Stuart Gardener Museum and Beacon Hill. Now, a new neighborhood has hit the scene and is stealing the spotlight. The Boston Seaport has turned into a thriving, multicultural experience offering art, live music, a diverse food scene, and trendy hotels. As it’s name implies, it sits on the harbor, giving you views of both the skyline and the sea as you sip on a cocktail at one of the rooftop lounges. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend escape, we have your itinerary all planned out. From where to sleep, eat, drink, and play, this is your “escape plan” to the Boston Seaport.


Chef Tatiana Rosana of Outlook Kitchen in Boston, MA

Chef Tatiana Rosana of Outlook Kitchen

While loaded with excellent restaurants, like the seafood classic Row 34, or the urban-Italian gem Sportello, the real treat in Seaport is Outlook Kitchen. Chef Tatiana Rosana takes a unique philosophy to her food. She has Cuban heritage, and her wife has Korean heritage. Chef Rosana blends the two to create dishes you can’t find anywhere else. Highlights include her take on the Cuban sandwich and her sesame-crusted feta appetizer.



The Envoy Hotel is a classy, upscale establishment filled with Boston’s who’s-who, but it’s the Yotel that steals the show. Yotel is a hotel inspired by air travel. From the bed in your room, to the “IFE” setup, all the way to futuristic lobby, you’ll see the airline connections everywhere. Best of all, if you ever need something brought to your room, the hotel’s friendly Yo2D2 robot will gladly bring it for you.

Kusama Love is Calling ICA Boston, MA

Kusama “Love is Calling” ICA Boston

The neighborhood has a gorgeous public space that’s used for ice skating in the winter and sunbathing in the summer. But a trip to Seaport would be incomplete without a visit to the stunning Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). With rotating galleries from the most renowned names in modern art, the museum is a highlight for any art lover. Also, be sure to take an afternoon to shop. There’s something for everyone in Seaport, from Filson to Lululemon and L. L. Bean to independent artisan shops selling locally-made blankets, candles, and confectioneries.

Flight Club in Boston, MA

A transplant from London, Flight Club is a whimsical bourgeoisie carnival, complete with artisan cotton candy, but the main draw is the darts. The boards are connected to monitors and allow you to play various games that are sure to keep the night fun and create lasting memories. It’s currently one of Boston’s trendiest nightspots. For an elegant night out, Committee is a must. Part tapas bar and part cocktail lounge, the establishment is filled with locals mingling for after-work drinks and foodies looking to pair the latest cocktail with a mezze plate. One of their signature cocktails, The Wingman, made with lavender-infused gin and Crème de Violette, is a crowd favorite.

Yotel Lobby in Boston, MA

Yotel Lobby

Boston Seaport is filled with cozy coffee shops and lowkey cafes to give you a break from your busy trip. The best is Tatte, a local Boston eatery that makes their own breads, pastries, cakes, and of course, delicious lattes to go along with them. The café is known for their tarts, cheesecakes, and assortment of croissants. For something even more relaxing, try the spa at the InterContinental Boston. Mixing stately history with modern charm, the hotel’s spa is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. Plus, you get the kind of treatment that only the InterContinental can provide.

Swimming Pool at InterContinental Boston, MA

Swimming Pool at
InterContinental Boston

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